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Welcome to the free online Typing Practice, courses, and speed tests website powered by QSH India. You can get a 30-day free lesson and complete practice paragraph sets by different durations to increase your accuracy and speed. If you are preparing to face any skills test for a company, government, or public sector job, this Typing Practice website is an ideal place to achieve goals and confidence.

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Find category-wise tests, Exercises, and tutorials.
Typing Tests of Different Duration

Typing Practice Test

Typing Test on PC Keyboard Connected Mobile
 Typing Test 10 minutes one Minutes test
Five Minutes Task Two Minutes
2 minutes exam Five Minutes
1-minute task Ten Minutes Touch Type
Typing Practice Org for test and tasks
Typing Practice

Day-wise Typing Lessons

Day-wise Lesson Lesson Link
Day 1 Lesson Proper ten-finger placement.
Day 2 Lesson Home Row Typing
Day 3 Lesson Bottom bar essential Type.
Day 4 Lesson Advance Bottom bar
Day 5 Lesson Top Bar Lesson

Beginners are always confused about where to start and what method to follow. Don’t worry; we are with you. We have made a 30-day free typing practice lesson to remove all your confusion. In this free course, you will learn about Touch Typing from the beginning to the advanced level. There is no need to pay anything for this fantastic free course, which is even better than the premium courses.

About the Typing Practice Org Website

There are many sections for different lessons and tasks to be mastered in Type for a learner. All the units are created with sound research and followed by long experiences. We aim to provide quality study materials, tutorials, and typing practice paragraph tasks for free of cost.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier.

We are providing a quality platform, but effort is required from your side to be successful. However, behind the screen, we researched and provided the following topics on our website.

Keyboard Tips and Tricks

The keyboard is the primary input device. It has an excellent history of development and changes. We have covered the topic of how we invented typewriters and developed keyboards. And how has it changed day by day? The reason behind the changing keyboard is also described. How to use the keyboard on a smartphone device to perform better? Beside Typing Practice, you must know these things.

Classified Keyboards Various types of keyboards are available in the market. Different country uses different types of keyboards. Most places use the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard, and we made all tutorials for this keyboard.

Unknown facts and magical skill with the keyboard There are many things people do not know, some important facts and some secret stuff. We discussed and taught learners many things that can shock people looking at them. If you want to know, then open the keyboard section and learn. Keyboard memorization: It’s essential to keep all keys under ten figures. We discussed the vital memorizing techniques and tips on the critical layout tutorial. Explore all the things at Keyboard Facts.

30 Days Lessons to be a Type Master

The heart and soul of the Typing Practice website are 30 days of free lesson plans and exercise. We have taught you and provided study material with typing practice paragraphs in 30 classes. It is designed from basic to advanced levels to observe this skill, like art. And most of the lessons are beneficial to the self-measurement of learning progress.

Finger Names: We use our fingers to input data on our devices. And the job was done with our ten fingers. We must know the names of fingers before learning type. Before starting our lesson, we provided the finger names with images.

Ten key: The ten key is essential for these skills. It is based on Numbers and symbols. These keys are situated on the right-hand side and above the QWERTY line. Touch typing is significant, but it would be incomplete if you missed this portion. That’s the reason for doing essential exercise. Give attention at unoptised of this portion, your speed would be killed when you face any number or symbol.

Middle Rows Key: This is the row where we keep our fingers before starting key inputs. There are nine letters, and four signs are stuck. Students must learn and practice this row. We did an excellent task for typing Practice online for this line. You can check it on the day 2 lesson.

Top bar keys: In this bar, you can find ten letters, the most extensive bar for alphabets. It would help if you had proper Practice finger positions to be a good typer. We provided an exercise for this day. You can find it in the Day 2 lesson.

Bottom Row Key: A separate class has been made for the Bottom bar keys. In this bar, you can find seven letters and six signs. You can adequately input keys by taking our day 3 lesson.

These are basic things for the keys of keyboards. Shift, Alter, Control, Tab, Caps Lock Key, and Sing Keys are also introduced. You can enter the advanced section while spending some days in this Free Online Course on this typing Practice. In this part, learners will get some challenging tasks to help them crack the exam’s complex level. After completing these levels, you would probably not fail the competitive examinations or lose customers in your shop. Explore all the things in the Free Lesson section.

WPM Speed and Accuracy check

This is for beginners or candidates wanting to learn how to type fast. Usually, to qualify it, you have to type 25 to 30 words per minute, which is the average speed.

2 Minutes Typing Practice: It has been designed for two minutes, but some extra words are included.25 to 30WPM ability is required to pass this section.
5 and 10 minutes. It is an advanced typing practice task where huge words are selected. Also, some harsh words provided included being fearless in this job. The selection makes most of the charges for 5 or 10 minutes.
How to Increase Speed?

Practice makes a man perfect. There is no secret or shortcut to being a speedy type master. We just provided you with instructions on the famous typing practice website. We believe that our Free Online Typing Course and tasks will help you to achieve the desired speed by following our guides and concentrating on 30 days’ lessons.

How to use Free Online English Type Exercises?

We mentioned there is no need to sign up or pay fees to use this Free Online Typing Practice task and courses on this website. You have to go through our guidelines. A beginner must complete the 30 days of lessons first and then the advanced level. If a candidate learns before then, they have to test their speed and decide which level suits them.

Our Objectives for the Creation of TpingPractice.Org

We have other websites related to jobs and Education where we also provide free study material and unique quizzes on our website. Besides these, we created this Free learning and practising website. Most recruiters take high-level competitive exams and check various skills. This skill is one of them, and we decided to provide lessons and a platform for practising.

What to follow before starting Type?

First, Use the most used touch typing method because it is the most efficient and scientific for typing Practice. Almost every type of master uses this method. If you want to be fast, then obviously follow the technique. The keyboard is the primary tool and is the first requirement of this learning. We recommend using a mechanical or optical keyboard to practice. Place the keyboard and monitor properly and sit comfortably because your speed matters.

How to learn touch type method

It is the most discussed topic when you talk about typing Practice. In this method type, masters don’t look at the keyboard and monitor. Just feel the Keys of the keyboard and look at the task. Looking at the computer monitor and job (Paper) and keyboard will kill your speed. Touch typing helps you to prevent this issue. You can input all keys without looking at the keyboard and monitor because this method makes muscles brain.

Regularity and full concentration

As this is a skill, you have to exercise with tasks regularly. Otherwise, you can’t use practical typing methods very well. So, make a routine and keep practising typing. Our English typing Practice and test tools are free.

Typing lessons practice Paragraphs and Words.

Each tutorial has a unique paragraph for practising well for that day’s lesson. Please note some of the classes have tasks with exams on some letters and signs. No word is made because these are the initial levels of learning. There, you would not get small dishes like the article or prepositions.

FAQ Related to Typing Practice

We have searched many forums and question-answer sites, collected comments on this site, and found some frequently asked questions. We tried to answer all the questions here.
How can I type Practice correctly?
First, take the primary lesson provided in our 30-day free studies.
Arrange a suitable working device.

  • Take a comfortable seat with the well-positioned device.
  • Try to type without looking at the keyboard or hands.
  • Open your favourite application or open TypingPractice.org website and find the task of paragraphs.
  • Now, start the task.
Is typing 40 WPM good?
It’s a skill, and the ability is relative. A normal typer can do 30WPM, and some candidates can do more than 60WPM. It entirely depends on the requirement.
Where can I practice typing online for free?
There are lots of well-known websites and applications available online free of cost. TypingPractice.org is entirely free.
How can I get better at typing without looking at the keyboard?
The touch typing method is the only way to achieve this skill.
How can kids learn to type for free?
It’s not any education. It’s a skill. So be careful before teaching them. However, they can play typing games for kids for it.
What is the basic rule of typing Practice?
First, follow the home row, upper row, lower row, numbers, and symbol keys lesson, then try to type without looking at the keyboard.
Where can I see my speed for free?
Go to the test section and select the durational exams. The time is already set for you.
Which keyboard performed better in typing Practice?
There is no proof that a particular keyboard is the best. We used QWERTY keyboards, so we made the lesson on the QWERTY keyboard and recommended practicing typing on this.
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