Day 4 Lesson, Advance Bottom Row’s Key Type

In the last lesson of 30 days of free typing, we learned the Bottom bar key. And that was in serially and in lower case. But today, we will practice Advance Bottom Row’s Key Type, where the key is placed in upper and lower case mixed and also in disorder.

% Accuracy
Click on the Below to type home row.

We hope you have practiced and performed well in this Advance Bottom Row key typing. This program is made with the letters of the Bottom bar and a time set of 20 minutes. You can participate in this task as much as you want.

Day-wise Lesson Lesson Link
Day 1 Lesson Proper 10 fingers placement.
Day 2 Lesson Home Row Typing
Day 3 Lesson Bottom bar key type.
Day 4 Lesson Advance Bottom bar(You are here)
Day 5 Lesson Top Bar Lesson

Advance top bar row typing lesson

How helpful will be by this lower bar practice?

The lower row keys are an essential part of typing. And you can free faster and efficiently. This is the program where you can achieve everything by spending one or two hours in the day 3 lesson where we introduced the lower bar key typing at a basic level. On that tool, we learned the positions of keys and advantageous finger positions. In this typing program, you will use the proper finger position on the Bottom bars and also give attention to the upper-lower cases. And there are no letters placed in sequence. So, it is an advanced level of Bottom bar key typing.

Time for day 5 lesson

We have focused two different lessons on the Bottom bar. If you have taken both seriously, obviously, you can type faster and errorlessly. Before completing this, look following things-

  1. can you input 10 to 12 words per minute according to our typing software?
  2. Are you more than 95% accurate?
  3. Can you type without looking at the keyboard?

If you can fulfill the above things, then obviously go for the day five typing lesson where a basic level of top bar key typing lesson and task is available.

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