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Typing is not a complex skill but needs appropriate concentration and practice. So we bring 30 days of free typing lessons to make you skilful in this job. Various keyboards and methods of type are available—our focus is on the QWERT keyboard and the Tuch type method. A complete 30-day free typing course opened on Typing Practice. You can develop your typing skill from an elementary level to advanced.





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All Typing Lessons Pages

Here, you can see all the lessons we have provided. Please note that each tutorial has a practice task. Take part in all the sets to observe the skill correctly.


Day-wise Lesson Lesson Link
Day 1 Lesson Proper 10 fingers placement.
Day 2 Lesson Home Row Typing
Day 3 Lesson Bottom bar key type.
Day 4 Lesson Advance Bottom bar
Day 5 Lesson Top Bar Lesson

How to complete the complete course?

These art-like skills can be achieved with high speed and accuracy by following our 30-day free lesson. You need to complete each day correctly. Never keep any gaps or misunderstandings. And also complete all practice tasks which are provided every day. You can see your progress by taking part in those exercises. And the program we have developed where you can self-examine your skill.

  • Initial lessons have easy-level typing practice sets.
  • Some of them are based on letters and symbols, and numbers. No words are included in it.
  • Opening tutorials aim to place fingers and memorize critical locations on the QWERT keyboards.
  • After a week, we moved to word typing. And also concentration on speed and accuracy.
  • In the 3rd week, you will get some complex typing levels, where words, symbols, and special characters are.
  • The duration of the test increased from the beginning to advance.

Did I become a Typing Master by completing the course?

No one can say yes or no because it depends entirely on the learner. How do they learn and practice? Usually, we have seen that most of the candidates can type more than 35 words per minute. And it can increase above 50 by practising one more month. If you want to be a typing master, start the course and achieve the skill. We strongly believe that students will be outstanding typing masters by completing this lesson and our practising task.

Who made this Course and Tutorial?

TypingPractice.Org has some experienced faculty for typing courses offline. They have researched and developed this course. Therefore you can expect a quality typing lesson that can teach you well.

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