Typing Test Online for Free

An online typing test has provided here for free. You can check your ability of typing skills here in different minutes of exams. You can examine this online web-based tool as per your choice and learned knowledge. We played many games on One, two, five and ten minutes.

Typing Test Sample

If you want to test your keyboarding speed and accuracy, try here. Or you can also participate in the specific durational exams presented below.

One Minute Typing Test

Two Minutes Typing test

Five Minutes Typing Test

Ten Minutes Typing Test

Best Durational Exams

Which exam is best? It ultimately depends on the ability and how learned or practiced before by the candidates. Candidates who have completed our free course should try out the long durational exams. Otherwise, they have to take part in that exam with fewer durations.

Minute typing exam

A short timed exam is a one-minute typing test. Here, a candidate gets their result in just 60 seconds with the correctness, errors and ability to input characters per minute.

Two Minutes Typing exam

It’s also a short-duration test, like 60 seconds. Just the time has doubled.

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