Proper Ten Fingers Positioning on Keyboard ~ Day 1 Lesson

The keyboard is the primary device for inputting details of the Computer. To be faster, you must know the proper ten-finger placement on the keyboard. Already we have discussed the QWERT keyboard and its layout with images in the keyboards section. And this is 1st day of the 30-day typing lessons section. Today’s topic is 10 fingers placement on the keyboard(Day 1 Lesson). First of all, we have to know it. In the character section, there are three rows and 26 characters. You have to place your finger on it. Before that, let us tell the names of the fingers. Because it would be needed in the future, look below the finger’s name.
ten fingers placement on keyboard to be speedy typer
Now, look at the below for finger positioning. The little finger of the left hand has to put on the character key ‘A,’ and the little finger of the right hand would be sitting on the semicolon. And also, see that the numbers and some signs are in a single row. And its position is above the character keys. If you want to type any numbers, press the targeted key directly. But when you need to type sing, press the Shift key plus targeted sing. For example, you want to type dollar sing, then press shift plus ‘4’ key. If you want to type an upper case character, press the Shift key and the targeted key.
five fingers name with image





% Accuracy

Click on the Below ↓ area to start.

Why need proper finger placement?

It is essential to be a fast typer on the touch-type method. You can not do this job without following these instructions. In the touch typing method, the typer does the Task without looking at the keyboard. Practising this will bring your muscle brain, and you can do it properly after some days of practice.

The Task for the 10 fingers placement

Now try to type by positioning your finger. The objective of today’s Task is to place your finger. There is no attention to speed. The only accuracy is the factor. However, we have included the accuracy and speed measurement in the Task. Let’s start the job. Some important links for typing tests

The objective of the Task

  1. It is the beginning of the 30-day free lesson.
  2. There are no meaningful words included.
  3. Only some characters and numbers are in the Task.
  4. Attention to the upper case and lower case.

Your learning journey to be a type master has started with the online typing tests and practice. We hope that you have completed it successfully and enjoyed the lesson. We also want to meet you at the next class, which links are provided below.

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Day 1 Lesson Proper 10 fingers placement.
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