Free Online 5 Minutes Paragraph Typing to Look WPM/CPM

A small paragraph¬†typing test in 5 minutes is present here. You can take part in this exam to know your Words Per Minute(WPM), Characters Per minute(CPM), and accuracy percentage. It’s not a high or lower durational exam of typing skills, It can tell you the possibility of passing chances in the upcoming tests. We make a skill test paragraph to examine your ability of WPM, CPM, and Accuracy in five minutes Typing Practice.

Typing Paragraph for 5 Minutes





% Accuracy

Click on the area below to start the game.

Typing Test on PCKeyboard Connected Mobile
10 minutes typingone Minutes test
Five Minutes Task(You Are here)Two Minutes
2 minutes typingFive Minutes
1-minute taskTen Minutes Touch Type

Above, we have provided the task. And this program is created especially for keyboard-connected smartphones. Thou you can take part in this test on desktop/notebook also. We refer to appear on the page of five minutes for PC/NoteBook. We hope that you take part in the exam and your result is well. In the paragraph, you will find about 300 words and a timer set for 5 minutes. You have to end the test by typing to see the complete result. And you can find the following things after completing the examination.

WPM: It’s mean words per minute. If you have typed 200 words at that particular time, your WPM equals 200/5=40 words per minute. Please note here words mean 5 letters. It’s standard for typing exams. So our program calculates five letters that are equal to a word.

CPM: It stands for character per minute. It tells you the total characters you typed divided by 5.

Accuracy: The rate of correct characters you have typed per hundred characters. We hope you understood the result of this 5 minutes paragraph typing test.

What is a Satisfactory Result?

It depends on your current condition. For what purpose you are examining yourself? If you are preparing for the selection exams of a government or private sector, follow their guidelines and requirements. If you are just completed our free lesson, then around 30 words per minute with over 90% accuracy is a satisfactory outcome.
5 minutes typing test paragraph
If you are satisfied with your result or want to examine yourself with more durational exams, then you can choose the ten-minute typing test. We also offer free courses to all candidates who want to learn touch typing methods to be masters in these skills. Just spend a few days on our website, which will make you more accurate and perfect for this job and bring employment or more customers to your shop. Hopefully, this 5-minute typing test will evaluate your workability and show your weakness and strong sides.

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