One Minute Typing Test for Mobile Device(Special)

This one-minute typing word is the unique software for the mobile device for Online typing tests. We have already provided another web-based tool where type learners can test their speed and accuracy word per minute. That one-minute type task is best viewed and performed on Personal computers and Laptops.  Due to the mobile resolution, some functions are not working. Therefore we are introducing this online one-minute tests program where issues can’t be found.

Typing Test on PCKeyboard Connected Mobile
10 minutes typingone Minutes test(You are here)
Five Minutes TaskTwo Minutes
2 minutes typingFive Minutes
1-minute taskTen Minutes Touch Type

Why should we type on mobile?

If a learner does not have a laptop or computer, they must go through this free typing tool. It is not easier to buy a pc any time by any all candidates. Because there is a lam sum of money required, in the modern era, you can make your smartphone like a pc. You can connect the full QWERT keyboard to the smartphone and tablet. And it can give you the entire experience if you don’t know how to do it. Please visit how to connect keyboard on mobile?

One-Minute typing test on a Mobile device

If you have a connected keyboard on the smartphone, then you can perform like a PC. In this typing test, small sentences will appear, and you have to exact text on the box. When you finish the sentence or phase next one will appear immediately. And the timer is set for sixty seconds. And this testing tool determines how many words and characters you are entering? And also, it tells you the accuracy you typed. Using only your smartphone can give you only the basic idea of the QWERT keyboard and some keys. You can not face any selection test for the type of posts. We recommended buying A keyboard which is not more than $5.We hope you will be fully prepared on some days. Comes to the main topic-

The importance of One Minute typing words for Mobile

  1. It has a vast number of sentences and phrases as a task. And all words are short lengthy and straightforward.
  2. As you are for one-minute typing on mobile, we thought that you are a learner of the initial period.
  3. It can tell your accuracy and speed per minute perfectly.
  4. There is no limitation to practice on it again and again.
  5. It is accessible and even not required to sign up.
  6. No software installation is required.
  7. Words and phrases are frequent changes by our developers.

What to do after One-minute Typing Test

First of all, look at your result. If it is about 20 wpm and over 95% accuracy, then go to the two-minute typing test. And then the five and ten-minute typing tests respectively.  Please note that you will take a paid or free course if you are doing this job without any training. Because it will train you scientifically and increase your skill dramatically. We have a free 30-day typing lesson. You can take it on your time. No registration or personal details have to provide to us. Even it can be learned on your time. It will provide you-

  1. the Various typing method.
  2. daily lesson of 30 days.
  3. 10 key typing tactics and lessons.
  4. Keys of Keyboard memorizing tricks.
  5. Proper touch typing.

We hope that this one-minute typing test and task helped you to increase your skill. And also we want to see at following lessons of typing words for mobile devices.

Free Online English typing test for one minute duration

The objective of a one-minute online typing test.

  1. Our database contains about one and a half thousand words. And we change some of the words from time to time. As it is changed periodically so a type gets fresh word after a certain period.
  2. This web-based tool and this specific tool are created for practice and measuring accuracy and efficiency for those who want to be a type master.
  3. It may not be ideal for those who practice day and night. If you are a high-level type master or want to practice with your own selected word or document then the ideal task is our Advanced Level Typing. In this web-based tool, you can upload your document and you can do the job.
  4. We recommend going through Tuch Typing which is more scientific and most used and followed by type master.

Typing is a skill at the art level. To be an expert in this skill you need to sufficient practice with patients. There are various types of methods are available but none are hard or easy. Just you need to be interested and patient to be reached at the desired level. Our 30 days course may help you to achieve this.

Success does not come easily, or it can be achieved for a long time. You need to observe keenly the procedure of this skill. And then need consistency, dedication, and sacrifices some other thing if required. Accuracy is an important part of any job but in typing, it is more important than speed. Never try to be speedy that accuracy. Firstly maintain it and then the speed. Because quality is more important than quantity.

We hope this one-minute typing test will help you to improve your accuracy, speed, and productivity. Best wishes for your typing skill and art. Also hope that it will push you to a new height which will make your future brighter and brings lots of happiness. If you need any help or want suggestions, recommendation then follow our social media pages or mail us through our contact us page.

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