Special One Minute Typing Test for Desktop/Notebooks

Let’s start a one minute typing test and see the result with the accuracy and words per minute result.



Typing Test on PC Keyboard Connected Mobile
10 minutes Typing Exam 1Minute test
Five Minutes Exam Two Minutes
2 minutes Test Five Minutes
1-minute task(You are here) Ten Minutes Touch Type

What is one Minute Typing Test?

First, thanks for visiting and using this particular one-minute typing test for desktop/notebook devices. It’s a task for a one-minute duration Typing Test. We have provided many words that appear dynamically on this special one-minute typing test box. You have to type correctly. A simple measurement of typing speed will be provided after taking part in this desktop’s particular one-minute typing test task. A beginner who recently completed the introduction of keys of the keyboard is suitable for this task. Because a small period is provided for this job and result is coming quickly. So, a beginner can see whether they have a fault or not. We hope this free tool will help notice the responsibility and fix it quickly by practice and practice.

We also have several tasks to practice and check your typing accuracy. We believe accuracy is more important than speed. That’s why we provide a complete result of your typing behavior like total word, correct word, and how many numbers of characters you have typed. Absolute accuracy and mistakes result in producing this.

What is the necessity of a 1-minute typing test program?

Typing is becoming essential for office employees, Shopkeepers, students, Teachers, and print media. This is a critical requirement in our daily life. If you are more skillful and faster with accuracy, you can save time and relax more. Your work efficiency increase. The one-minute typing tasks can increase your skill and precision. As it is a task of a short time so that you can notice your improvement again and again.

If you are taking our 30 days free lessons, then this 1-minute typing test will help you review your condition and accuracy. Thirty days free study providing your by different category of typing nad keys and some specific part of typing have to complete in other days. But in this one-minute typing, words are provided in mixed. It will be beneficial to implement the learning of partial sections of your job.
online one minute Typing test in 1 minute for free

The vision of the one-minute typing test.

  1. We made a massive database that consisted of vast numbers of words. And these will appear randomly. So, the task will be different from the previous attempt.
  2. You can appear many times for a one-minute typing test, and all will be fresh.
  3. It is an ideal exam for the initial period of the learner to get analytics of correctness and errors.
  4. A perfect opportunity to practice on touch-type method.

Typing is an art-level skill that has a reasonable requirement in different sectors. If you are good at this job, you have many opportunities. You can be self-employed by opening a shop, freelancing, or doing office work.

Success can’t get forcefully, or it’s not any goods to be purchased. It would help if you had hard work, and these one-minute exams may be a step that can measure how far you are to achieving it.

So, let’s practice again and again to be perfect in these skills and make life bright.

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