Mixed Home and Upper Bar Typing Exercise

Welcome to the day 7  typing lesson. We have already covered basic and advanced studies on single-row typing. And completed the Home row, upper row, and bottom row. Today, we are going to a new level of practice on mixed upper and Home rows. This is crucial because you have to pay attention to double bar keys. And it is a way of expanding fingers on different rows. We hope you will learn and enjoy today’s exercise.

Mixed Upper and Home Bar Typing Task

Let’s start practicing in the below box. When you see any letter or word become red-colored, it means your input is wrong.

Mixed Home and Upper Row Typing




% Accuracy

Click on the area below to start the game.

You can see the WPM, the rate of words per minute. And CPM stands for character per minute. The error indicates the number of total characters inputted wrongly. We hope you did well. If you have not attended previous lessons, take those from below because previous classes were focused on a single row and easy to be familiar with quickly.

Day-wise Lesson Lesson Link
Day 1 Lesson 10 fingers placement.
Day 2 Lesson Home Row Typing
Day 3 Lesson Bottom bar typing.
Day 4 Lesson Advance Bottom bar exercise
Day 5 Lesson Top Bar Lesson
Day 6 Lesson Advance top bar task.
Day 7 Lesson Home and Upper Row typing
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Why Need Mixed Row Exercise?

The final and only aim is to be faster typing work on the keyboard. And we are going to the destination through the scientific way. And the complete course is divided into different lessons. And this is the way of controlling the entire keyboard. So, it is an essential task for the touch typing method. Be patient and keep practicing and become a fast typer.

How to finish the Home and upper row exercise?

We have spent almost a week on the keyboard and deserved an excellent speed. In our institution, we have seen average students score above 12 words per minute and above 90% of accuracy. So, it would help if you achieved the equivalent or better ability. Till then, keep practicing mixed Home and upper row key typing. And then go for the day 8 lesson, which is made with Mixed Home and bottom row keys.

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