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Can you type all letters and sing without touching those keys? Do you know that it can be possible quickly? Yes, the method is used ASCII code. How can we implement the process, and what principle should we use? Typing Practice going to discuss this and provide a list of ASCII codes.

What is ASCII code?

The abbreviation of ASCII is American Standard Code For Information Interchange. Yes, you guess well. These codes are used to exchange languages’ numbers, letters, signs, and some other things. Each language and country has different numbers of principles according to their language. Her, we are going to discuss English Letters, signs, and emojis. The contest is the same as International Phonetic Alphabets(IPA). By using IPA, any member can pronounce other languages correctly. Like that computer can understand other languages through ASCII.

When can we use these Codes?

We can exchange languages, and even you can use this when a key of your keyboard is not working correctly. And some sing like Love, emojis are not available on the keyboard; in this case, ASCII codes help us type these. Sometimes, we work in different word processors where this function is not available or difficult to find, and then you can easily use ASCII.

How to type ASCII?

It is simple to use. First of all, you need to know the numbers. We have attached a pdf file where you will get all the codes. Suppose you want to type five squares (5²). Square is not easy to order.

Somebody types it like 5^2. But you can do it by pressing the five keys and then Alt+0178 because Alt+0178 is for square sing. Like this, you can type ◙ by Alt+10, ☻ Alt+258.

Is it not amazing? It proved that you have mastery in typing skills. We hope you are excited to use these codes, and we are providing the principles here. It’s not easy to remember, but you can keep a PDF file on your device. According to your need, you can use it further. Also, read the article in the keyboard section. Some other interesting information and facts are there. We hope you will be loved it. Would you please share this article with your friends and followers? They might be thankful for discovering this great information on the keyboard tips.

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