Two Minutes Type Task

A golden task has been provided here to check your speed and accuracy in typing tasks. This two minutes typing test can check and analyze your ability in several aspects. These modern skills can be achieved very easily and quickly by using this Typing Practice website.

Two Minutes Typing Test

Two new typing games are below. Try out both and look at your WPM, CPM and errors.

Now, also try the second typing game. It can also use on smartphone devices.

We hope that both tasks were enjoyable and you are good to score in the exam. If you are not well, then appear in the test repeatedly until you reach your desired score. Also, try following typing tests to find your accuracy rate in different durational exams.

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Two Minutes Typing test

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Tips for becoming a faster typist

No matter which skill you have. The matter is how master you are. If you acquire typing skills, then you become a master, accurate and faster in the field. Everyone can type for two minutes on the keyboard, but all are not 100% accurate and can type 50 plus words per minute. Here is the difference between standard and master typists. Here are some tips for becoming a faster typist.

Spend time on the keyboard

You have to spend time on the keyboard regularly. And try to investigate your weakness and fix it as soon as possible. Regular practising typing can accelerate your speed, and from time to time, errors will decrease.

Take a proper typing course

A professional typing tutor can teach appropriately in less time. And it can save you time and motivate you with knowledge and experience. So, taking any course, such as a free or paid course, is always better. We have already launched a free typing course on this typing practice website. If you complete the course, you can score more than 80 words on two minutes typing test just after completing the course. And there is a chance to score 140 plus words in 120 seconds by practising for a few more days.

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