Speed and Accuracy on One Minute

One Minute typing test is here. You can check your Speed and Accuracy in just 60 seconds only. This Typing skill tests can be done repeatedly to find the weakness in this job. And there is a high chance to improve it quickly and step up to be a Type master.

Speed and Accuracy check in 60 seconds.

Let’s take part in the exam, also called a game by learners. Learn typing with fun and get all the advantages of these skills.

We hope that you score well in this Typing Practice program. Through this one-minute typing test, you can find your errors, Accuracy rate and the rate of Words per minute.

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Contains One Minute Test

The features we have included in this program are mentioned below.

  • A database of huge words is included.
  • Most of the words are the most used words.
  • All are easy to remember and type.
  • Two different types of games are included in this one-minute typing exam.
  • You can take part in any exam.
  • It shows precise performance.
  • Easily understandable to improve sections.
  • Random words appear from the database while you are taking part.

How do you get better results?

Practice makes a man perfect. To be good at this job, you must practice more. Try out both programs repeatedly to find out your errors as it is a One Minute typing test so that you can try it many times.

  • Always appear in the exam while you are free and stressless.
  • Don’t practice over time when your mind is not allowing you.
  • Use proper sitting and devices.
  • Always try to maintain the touch-type method.

This way, you can improve your speed and Accuracy in a one-minute typing test. If you have questions regarding this, you can comment below. We are ready to answer you and clear your dough.



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