Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows 10

Keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to increase productivity and efficiency when using Windows 10. By mastering these shortcuts, you can navigate the operating system, perform tasks, and access features with just a few key combinations. This article explores ten excellent keyboard shortcuts that can enhance your Windows 10 experience.

1. Windows Key + D

Pressing the Windows key and D simultaneously will instantly show your desktop. It’s a convenient shortcut when you have multiple windows open and need quick access to your desktop or want to minimize distractions.

2. Windows Key + L

If you want to lock your computer quickly, use the Windows key and L combination. This shortcut is handy when you step away from your computer and want to ensure its security.

3. Windows Key + E

The Windows key and E combination is your go-to shortcut to open File Explorer. This lets you quickly navigate through your files, folders, and drives, making file management a breeze.

4. Alt + Tab

The Alt + Tab shortcut is a classic one that helps you switch between open applications. Holding down the Alt key and pressing Tab allows you to cycle through your active applications, making multitasking more efficient.

5. Windows Key + Print Screen

Press the Windows key and Print Screen simultaneously to capture a screenshot of your entire screen and save it directly to your Pictures folder. This shortcut is a convenient way to capture and save information, visuals, or important moments on your computer.

6. Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow

If you like to work with multiple windows side by side, this shortcut is for you. Pressing the Windows key and the left or right arrow key will snap the active window to the corresponding side of your screen, allowing you to multitask easily.

7. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Need to open the Task Manager quickly? The Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut is your answer. This combination launches the Task Manager directly, enabling you to monitor and manage processes, applications, and system performance.

8. Windows Key + X

The Windows key and X combination open the power user menu, providing quick access to essential system tools and settings. You can access Device Manager, Control Panel, Power Options, and more from here.

9. Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y

When editing text or making changes, the Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y shortcuts are your best friends. Ctrl + Z undoes your most recent action, while Ctrl + Y redoes it. These shortcuts are convenient when working with documents, emails, or text editors.

10. Windows Key + I

The Windows key and I combination opens the Windows Settings menu. You can easily access and customize various system settings from here, including network, display, privacy, updates, and more.


Mastering keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your Windows 10 experience by allowing you to navigate the operating system, perform tasks, and access features quickly and efficiently. Incorporating these ten excellent shortcuts into your daily workflow’ll streamline your productivity and save valuable time.

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