Five Minutes Paragraph

Five Minutes Paragraph is a moderate type of task in typing test series. If you are checking your aptness in the job,,, then this small task can be used to measure. It has lots of features that can analyze your performance. Two different types of tas ha provided. Words will appear randomly from the database, and where another will show you the serialized tasks. Use both to be more perfect and faster in typing Skills.

Five Minutes Paragraph Typing Test and Practice

Let’s start the first one, and it will show you the typing words serialize.

We hope that you got your proper analysis of the task. You can start the following Five Minutes by typing paragraphs for testing and practice. The words will appear randomly from our database.

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How long should I have to appear on the test?

There is no specific rule to take part in this five minutes typing paragraph. As long as you would not satisfied, it would help if you continued the process. But, In our experience, if you have completed any typing course, such as our free typing learning course, you will score more than 40 words per minute. If you want to acquire more speed and accuracy, you have to practice more by giving enough time.

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