Ten Tips for Increasing Typing Speed quickly

Increasing typing speed is not so hard. you have to follow some basic rules and implement important tactics to get your desired skills. Here, we have brought 10 amazing tips to get excellent speed in typing. Tips for increasing typing speed and accuracy Use a comfortable keyboard and position it at a comfortable height. Practice … Read more

Two Minutes Type Task

A golden task has been provided here to check your speed and accuracy in typing tasks. This two minutes typing test can check and analyze your ability in several aspects. These modern skills can be achieved very easily and quickly by using this Typing Practice website. Two Minutes Typing Test Two new typing games are … Read more

Five Minutes Paragraph

Five Minutes Paragraph is a moderate type of task in typing test series. If you are checking your aptness in the job,,, then this small task can be used to measure. It has lots of features that can analyze your performance. Two different types of tas ha provided. Words will appear randomly from the database, … Read more

Speed and Accuracy on One Minute

One Minute typing test is here. You can check your Speed and Accuracy in just 60 seconds only. This Typing skill tests can be done repeatedly to find the weakness in this job. And there is a high chance to improve it quickly and step up to be a Type master. Speed and Accuracy check … Read more

Typing Test Online for Free

An online typing test has provided here for free. You can check your ability of typing skills here in different minutes of exams. You can examine this online web-based tool as per your choice and learned knowledge. We played many games on One, two, five and ten minutes. Typing Test Sample If you want to … Read more